Last weekend we had a workday on our hunting property. I say “our” even though I do not own a single blade of grass there. You see, I was invited 3 years ago as a guest to hunt this farm. Last year I was invited back a few more times and then this year, I was granted my own key to the place (can you hear the angels singing?!?) This property is about 1,100 acres nestled in the hills of middle Tennessee. The only use of this farm is deer and turkey hunting. It has a cozy 4 bedroom farmhouse on it that is “guy cool.” What I mean by that is the sheets and bedspreads on the beds are camouflage, there are several mounts (deer, duck and one full body lynx) around the place, ATVs to use and a cedar paneled room to keep your hunting clothes in to mask your scent. It is every bit as nice as some of the places you see on the TV hunting shows.

Even with all of these amenities, the farm needs some maintainance to keep it producing quality deer and turkey. For various reasons, the farm has been slightly neglected over the past few years. Not completely, mind you… enough was being done to still use the facility, but it was not kept up to its premium operating status. As a group this past fall we decided to get the place back up to snuff. This past Saturday we got together and fired up the chain saws and went over the 1,100 acres on all the ATV trails and cleared all the trees that had fallen across the trails. We were going to get some of the food plots tilled over as well, but because of the neglect of the past few years, the tractor was not in proper working order so it is now in the shop being repaired. We will have several more workdays over the next few months to get the farm ready for this fall.

I have only been hunting on the farm for 3 years now and therefore have not seen it at its peak. The guys who have been there for years tell of great trips in the past and how certain food plots were known to draw deer from a certain direction and others were known for… well you get the idea.

The current status of the farm reminds me of how many people take care of their health. They do enough just to get by. They may each vegetables every once in a while, go to the gym and talk to all their friends (instead of working out) just to say that they “had a good workout today,” and even take a multivitamin because they know its good for them. Heaven forbid that they actually put a little effort into their health. I don’t want to pick on a hunting friend of mine, but this year as he and I were dragging a deer up a hill to load it onto the ATV, he asked for a short break to catch his breath. I stood there waiting on him and made the comment, “This is exactly why I work out 3 days a week. So I can enjoy the great outdoors.” He looked at me and between gasping for breath he said, “This is the very reason I take heart medication!” In other words, he didn’t want to put any effort into his health.

Here is the cool thing though. Even if you have not put much effort into your health over the past few years, just like it is going to take us a few workdays to get things going again on the farm, once you get a program started and make it part of your lifestyle, healthy habits do not take a whole lot of effort to maintain. Don’t fall for the quick fix though. Because most people don’t want to put any effort into their health, they try to short cut the process. They take diet pills or find the one exercise machine that “works out the whole body in 2 minutes.” (Ever seen ads like that?) Healthy habits should be part of your lifestyle. If you need help deciding what is right for you, send me a note and I would love to help.