We recently received word that the 2,500 acre hunting club that is right beside our 1,100 acres is clear cutting their timber. Don’t know why, but they are. This presents us with a great opportunity. With all the work we have done this spring with food plot planting, the 60+ fruit trees added to the property and completing some over-do maintenance our upcoming deer season is poised to be one of the best ever. You see, all the deer from the 2,500 acres are simply moving onto our property because they are finding ample food and cover. I cannot wait for the opening of archery in September!

This situation got me thinking about how opportunities can present themselves to us throughout our lives. Some opportunities are pretty straightforward and easy to read; others aren’t so visible. One thing all opportunities have in common is that we have to see and recognize it as an opportunity to “take advantage” of it.

Many times people mistakenly call opportunities “challenges.” In other words, their perspective about the opportunity is off. They are not looking at the possibilities, they only see the difficulties. This is particularly true about our health. Let me give you an example of someone taking an apparent challenge and turning it into an opportunity.

My mother in law recently had a mild heart attack. I personally don’t consider any heart attack mild, but this is what her doctors have told her. She is well aware that the reason for the heart attack is lifestyle choices she has made throughout her life. She eats fast food a lot and this is the primary cause of her heart troubles.

Well, instead of turning into a “Woe is me!” kind of person, she has accepted this as an opportunity to really make some changes in her health. And, my father in law is on board with her as well. (He is not in the best shape either!) Since her release from the hospital she has lost over 10 pounds and has not been to a fast food joint once! I really have a good feeling about her future health because of her perspective on this “opportunity.”

What kind of opportunities have you been facing? How would you rate your perspective on these opportunities? Do you need to change the perspective? Maybe you need someone else to help you see another perspective. Time and time again I see people making small changes to their lifestyle habits that reap big rewards. I would love to help you with your perspective so that you can have some of these same rewards.