Deer love persimmons. They also love apples. They love acorns and blackberries and corn. But do you know why they love these food items? Each of these foods play a specific role in the nutritional demands of deer. The acorns provide protein for muscle development; the persimmons, apples and other items provide complex carbohydrates for energy.  In other words, they are using these foods as fuel. The deer do not have an emotional attachment to these foods. They don’t eat because they are stressed. They don’t eat a bushel of blackberries because they had a fight with their boyfriend!

I don’t mean to sound insensitive because I have been there too. I remember the day I had to put my dog to sleep; it was just a few months ago. I specifically remember eating some junky food. I don’t remember what I was eating, but I do remember thinking that I was emotionally eating.

I would encourage you to change your perspective on how you think about foods. So many times we all say things like, “I love hamburgers” or “I can’t stand broccoli”… these statements have attached emotions to food. Instead, we should look at food as fuel for our bodies.

When you pull into the gas station to refuel your car, you want to make sure you are getting quality gasoline… good fuel. If you were to put poor quality fuel into your car, you would get poor performance out of it. Do you think your body is any different? If you put poor quality foods (fuel) into it, what kind of performance are you going to get out of it?

I see this action at work in my own body and its performance. Many of you know the level of fitness I am trying to achieve personally and we have discussed some of the intense workouts that I do. If I haven’t fueled my body properly I cannot get the intensity out of it that I want and my workouts suffer. Even in everyday life though, how many people feel that afternoon crash? Most people think they need more sleep… if you are getting between 6-8 hours of sleep as an adult, then you are getting plenty. Most of the afternoon crash is from poor nutrition. Your body has run out (or maybe never had) good quality fuel. If you are not satisfied with the performance you are getting out of your body, then you need to think about the quality of fuel you are putting into it.

I know this is easier said than done, but people are doing it every day. I encourage you to watch shows like “The Biggest Loser” to see how people are emotionally attached to food and ways to break that attachment. If you are curious as to what is good food for fuel here is one tip I can give you: make sure your food item doesn’t have a label on it, that way you know it is in the form God made it. The more food you eat the way God made it the more healthy you will be. And that obviously includes your body’s daily performance.

Remember, food is fuel. As you make your dietary choices each day ask yourself what kind of fuel quality you are likely to get out of what you are going to eat. Do this consistently and watch your body’s performance go from being a broken down 1975 Ford Pinto to a highly tuned Formula One race car!