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About once every 2 weeks I will ask my boys in a real excited voice, “Do you know what today is?!” They always say what day of the week it is and I reply, “No, it is one day closer to deer season!” and they just laugh and talk about how weird I can be. I am surprised they haven’t caught on yet because I have been doing it since the end of last deer season. In all honesty, it is one of my driving forces. I know that deer season is coming and I need to get things done so I have the time to deer hunt during the season.

There is also another lesson in that line of thinking though. If you get up everyday and ask yourself, “Do you know what today is?” one of the best answers you can come up with is, “This is the first day of the rest of my life!” I know this is a mantra that is spread around the self-improvement/self-motivation circles, but it is really true. If you are still looking down on the tulips (as opposed to their roots!) then today is a good day.

You see, when you get up each and every day you have a choice. You can choose to make today a great day or you can choose to wallow in the muck that is all around us. Yes, there is plenty of muck around us and there always will be. It is your choice on what you give your attention.

In light of the flooding that took place last weekend here in Nashville, we have a lot of muck (literally and figuratively) to deal with. We have a choice. Do we have a pity party for ourselves or do we roll up our sleeves and get to work clearing up the muck? I am glad to say that I see a lot of people rolling up their sleeves and the muck is already starting to go away.

The school that my sons attend was completely flooded throughout the first floor. When I was in the school 2 days after the flood, the watermark on the walls was up to my chest. That is approximately 4 feet of water in the school. Because of the help of hundreds of volunteers, a lot of the schools supplies were saved, but there was a lot lost as well. Our choice as a school community has been to use this as an opportunity to show God’s love through the many thousands of volunteer hours that it is going to take to get the school open in August.

What is the muck in your life? Is it a health problem? Family issue? Lost job? We all have them… no one’s is worse than any other. It is your choice where you put your focus.  An analogy I heard one time was about changing a baby’s diaper. It is your choice: do you focus on WHAT is in the diaper or WHO is in the diaper? It is still the same diaper, it is a matter of your focus. Change your focus and you can change your world!


If you are like me and your family is like my family, then at Christmas time and birthdays you usually get a few gift cards. I actually prefer them to most gifts because I can use them when I want and on things that I want. I know I get particularly excited about gift cards to my favorite outdoor stores (Bass Pro, Dicks and Cabelas, just in case you were wondering!). This year my parents got me a gift card for Sears… I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought something in Sears! Oh well, maybe I can buy some tools to use on the hunting property! (I am grateful for the gift, don’t get me wrong.)

When I used to work in a sporting goods store, the company had a policy of sending in secret shoppers to rate the employees’ selling skills. If an employee scored a 90 or better, then the employee earned a $25 gift certificate to the store. In the 4 plus years that I worked there, I know I took home more than $700 in free merchandise from these gift certificates. I loved that program!

Thinking about those gift cards or gift certificates… they each have a redemptive value on them. When you go to the store, you know how much that card is worth. You know how much you can spend. Without adding your own cash to the purchase, you are limited to what the card’s value is.

Have you ever thought about what your “redemptive value” is? What someone would be willing to pay for you? If you are like most guys, you may struggle with your own personal value at times. You look at your job and realize that just about anybody can do what you do. Sometimes you get home from work and your family barely notices or maybe you don’t even have a family. You may think that no one would be willing to pay a penny for you!

Well, my friend, I have good news for you! Someone already has paid a tremendous amount for you. “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son…” John 3:16 tells us. Most everyone reading this post is familiar with that Scripture but have you recently dove into it and really thought about its meaning in your life today?

If we are to know our redemptive value, we need to know what we are being redeemed from. Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death…” Your wages for your life here on earth is death. Wages are given in exchange for something you have done. In this case it is our sinful nature. Thank goodness Romans 6:23 doesn’t stop there though… “but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord!” Christ stepped up and said, “I will accept his wages… he doesn’t have to die!”

So, what is your redemptive value? What would someone be willing to pay for you? God answered that by giving us His Son, Jesus Christ.  You are worth that much to Him!

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