Information is great and I hope you find the information I am giving in this blog to be helpful. However, if it is only information and you do not put it into practice it is not going to help you achieve your goals and improve your health.

I have heard many times over the years quotes like, “There is so  much information out there. My doctor tells me one thing, my friends all tell me different things and don’t even get me started about information on the internet! I don’t know where to start!” That is where I come in. As your coach, it is my job to filter out all the useless stuff and funnel to you only the information that is going to get you headed down the right path… the path to WELLNESS.

I offer several programs for you to utilize my services. Each level is designed to move you forward on your path to WELLNESS but each level is not for everyone. Although the level of service I offer goes up with each level, so does your level of commitment. Since I have a very high level of admiration for Olympic athletes and their dedication to health and fitness, I have Olympic themed levels.

BRONZE: This level is for those of you who need some information just to get started on their path to WELLNESS. Participants in this level receive 6 teleconference calls/workshops, digital recordings of the workshop, and access to an online discussion group where questions and ideas from the group can be fielded by myself or others in the group who may have personal experience with the topic… of course I will be moderating this forum, but the accountability that group members develop with each other is incredible.

SILVER: This level includes the material in the BRONZE level PLUS… email access to me to have your personal questions addressed, one phone call (30 minutes) a month to discuss particular plans or ideas that will move you closer to reaching your goals and a one day intensive Health and Wellness workshop designed to motivate and empower you to make WELLNESS part of your lifestyle.

GOLD: Participants at this level receive all the material in the 2 other levels PLUS… weekly phone coaching calls to answer questions, discuss meal plans, fitness routines, etc. and make sure you are following through on them. These calls really allow me to fine tune a program for your specific goals. Also included is a 2 day(weekend) Health and Wellness retreat that will take your health to the next level.

Like I said before, not every level is for every person. The GOLD level takes a high level of commitment on your part. If you are serious about improving your health, contact me at so we can discuss what program is best for you.